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How long before the start of the repair do I need to order a design project?

If you decide to make repairs, then you need to take care of the design project in advance.

Design time depends on several factors:

  1. The area of the object and the number of rooms: the larger the area and / or the more functional rooms there, the more time it takes to develop a project. So, for example, a one-room apartment of 30 m2 will take much less time than designing a house of 300 m2. But this is where factor #2 comes into play.

  2. How quickly decisions are made and how many changes appear in the course of work from the customers themselves (how quickly decisions are made, the availability of the customer during work, the number of changes in the course of work). So, if I put 2-3 days of work on the planning solution (for example), but in total we get not 1, but 10 planning options, then the time for this stage as a whole will turn out not 2-3 days, but 2-3x10 . 

  3. The contract is concluded for a period at least 2 months (specific terms are calculated individually)


Why is it a bad idea to make repairs in parallel with the work on the project?


In such a complex and responsible business as construction and repair, haste is not our best friend.

Repairs are not made for 1 year, and it is better to think over everything calmly in advance, then your house will delight you and your loved ones for many years.


The most common problems that arise when working on a project and construction at the same time:

  1. Almost at the beginning of construction, the builders want the main construction documentation (but we already know that these drawings are only ready for 3 stage(final) design project. Accordingly, it is almost impossible to provide them at an earlier stage without consequences.

  2. Electricity, lighting, plumbing (etc.) - are made on the basis of already selected and approved layouts (with specific furniture and equipment). So, for example, a bed with a sleeping place of 62.99 inch can be either 64.94 inch wide, or 68.89 cm or even 70.86 inch without choosing a specific bed, it is not possible to accurately calculate the convenient location of sockets and switches. If we decide to make them before choosing a specific model, then they may be too far from the bed or, conversely, behind its headboard.

  3. The choice of materials, furniture, lighting, interior items is sharply reduced. During construction, the choice is often limited only by availability, because  order items do not have time to wait. 

  4. Changes on paper are much cheaper than changes on the construction site. If you just changed your mind and decided to fundamentally change something - on paper, all changes are made within a short period of time and you have the opportunity to compare and make the right decision. But in the process of repair, such changes lead to additional financial and time losses.

  5. It is more difficult to organize the sequence of actions in the design, the stages are confused, the probability of making the wrong decision and errors increases. 

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